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Nearly 2 years ago

Russia: Stealth a Joke, Now Missile Defense Too

Editor’s note:  As Trump takes the gloves off and scraps existing missile treaties, Russia is putting into service a heavy missile capable

Nearly 2 years ago

Duff on Press TV: Putin Diplomacy “Trumps” US, Israeli Plans

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on April 29, 2017  

Nearly 2 years ago

Pravda: Putin ‘loses control, the fall is near’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been losing control over his inner circle, Russian and foreign publications say. Although not all of them are ready

Nearly 2 years ago

Kalingrad: US Seeks to Neuter Russian Air Defense, but Why?

Source: Pravda.Ru photo archive US-based RAND research organisation urged the Pentagon to assess a perspective of how NATO can suppress Russian missile defences in

US Radar Covers Russia
Nearly 2 years ago

US Radars Cover Almost All Russian Territory – Russian MoD

“The stationary radar systems of the US missile and nuclear warning system cover all possible trajectories of Russian ballistic missiles in the direction of the United States,” Lt.

Nearly 2 years ago

VT Provides Key to Busting Gas Attack Phony Intercepts

… by Gordon Duff, … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow Today we learned that the primary evidence the US has shown its

Air Defense Moscow
Nearly 2 years ago

NEO/Moscow: Blitzkrieg, When Air Defense Means Aggression

In March, 2017, Israel launched a series of air assaults on Syria. One attack near the ancient city of Palmyra brought about a series