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Nearly 2 hours ago

Why Trump’s Strategy for Iran Is Likely to Lead to War

Submitted to VT by Trita Parsi Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s speech on May 21 only reinforced what was already known about Donald

Nearly 3 hours ago

Has the US declared a Sanctions-Tariff War against everyone but Israel?

The financial trade-war battle lines are beginning to form, and will have long term consequences. All countries with heavy US debt or business dealings

Nearly 4 hours ago

Russia Alleges Britain Holding Yulia Skripal Prisoner in Gas Attack Coverup

How long is Yulia’s leash? Russia’s Embassy urged London to give direct access to Yulia Skripal after the release of her first interview since

Nearly 8 hours ago

A Federal Court Just Ruled Trump Can’t Block People On Twitter

A federal judge on Wednesday ruled it is unconstitutional for President Donald Trump to block critics on his personal Twitter account, deeming tweets from

Nearly 10 hours ago

Microwave weapons no longer Conspiracy Theory – Now deployed in China

[Editor’s note: Clearly the unfortunate American who suffered a ‘mild brain injury’ was the victim of an attack using a microwave weapon and no

Nearly 11 hours ago

President Nicolas Maduro to Trump: “The Empire doesn’t dominate us here”

…by Jonas E. Alexis President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela has a dire message for the imperialists in the White House, and it ain’t pretty.

Nearly 11 hours ago

Zarif nails US Deep State corruption as the real evil empire

… by Press TV, Tehran Is Pompeo one of those Peter Principal people, who have risen to a position beyond their competency? [ Editor’s

Nearly 12 hours ago

Syrian War Report – May 23, 2018: Biggest ISIS Attack Near Palmyra In Past Few Months

…from SouthFront On May 22, ISIS attacked positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) near the T3 pumping station, near the city of Palmyra,

Nearly 13 hours ago

A Strange Story: Russian ICBM Submarine Missile Barrage Video

The other story, VT editor’s notes and some revealing facts: This interview from Russia Today.  A secondary conspiracy emerged when I showed

Nearly 1 day ago

A Sleepwalking Society Breaths in ChemTrail Toxins In Plain Sight. Your Life Depends on this Knowledge and Your Actions.

The Great Deception – What On Earth Are They Spraying on US and the World That’s in Plain Sight? The Deep State, New World